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Infinite SFA system – why do you need it in your sales department?

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Easy administration is the key to effective business management. Nowadays, small, medium and big companies choose from a range of tools that help to optimize work activities and support everyday duties. Meet the Infinite SFA system, dedicated to sales managers and sales representatives. Learn to plan and manage your sales productively.

What is SFA system?

Sales Force Automation is a solution that allows to automate all sale activities, such as structure management, calendar or work planning. The system creates unlimited possibilities for salespeople to work faster and sale more. It streamlines every stage of sales process, therefore, sales force automation solution is perfect for employees dealing with sale management and for those, who are responsible for different tasks in the sales department.

How can sales managers and sales representatives benefit from SFA?

Automation is the process, which main task is to minimize the input of human work. In order to the process being operated automatically, enterprise applications must be included into everyday work. Sales Force Automation is one of them, enabling the sales specialist to be successful in shorter period of time.

Sales managers can benefit in multiple ways. The most important is the fact that they have a comprehensive control of the activities of subordinate workers. This significantly increases the sales outcomes making the team work more effectively. The team’s potential can be reliably assessed, basing on Key Performance Indicators.

What about sales representatives? The SFA system can support them in planning, analysis of sales and implementation, as well as in communication while everyday cooperation with retail customers. Sales representatives can also obtain summaries and sales reports, which is quite helpful in complex-structured enterprise.

Easier with SFA

With SFA suite, managing sales goes smoothly without any surprises. The application combines order handling, offers and listings along with sale of promotions or freebies and gifts. It fully supports the process of validation and dispatch of orders with different types of confirmations indispensable in every phase. What is more, it will also help to focus on the customer service, as the system contains history of cooperation, transaction history, relationship quotation and easy circulation of documents.

Route optimization

As a business owner, you surely want to have work-related things under control. SFA system will let your sales representatives for convenient and fast route planning, sending you notifications when the distance from the clients has been exceeded. With GPS function, each user is able to plan each visit or task including optimal travel options that are cost-effective.

If you want to automate sales processes through a reliable software and minimize time-consuming administrative tasks, SFA is the right choice for your enterprise. It is a great solution for managers and sales representatives that increases work performance, reduces errors and boosts productivity and revenue.

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