Luxury Spa Culture in Dubai

Dubai is known for its extravagant and luxurious offerings, and its spa and hotel experiences are no exception. There are numerous luxury spas in Dubai that cater to both locals and tourists, offering a wide range of rejuvenating treatments and opulent facilities.

According to reports, Dubai currently has more than 250 hotel spas in operation, with 45 new hotel spas expected to open this year. We are not counting cheap street spa, only well known hotel spas. Furthermore, the Dubai hotel spa market continues to experience increasing demand with a 9% increase in the average number of treatments sold per day.

About La Beaute Dans Spa

La Beaute Dans Spa is one of the top rated luxury spas in Dubai located inside Hyatt Centric Hotel, La MER Beach and luxury 5 star hotel Le Méridien near DXB Airport.

They offer multiple massage and spa services including

    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Swedish Massage
    • Lomi-Lomi Massage
    • Four / Six Hand Massage
    • Facial Massage
    • Relaxing Massage
    • Couple Massage

Their therapists are from Russia, Ukraine and other parts of Europe. Our Hot stone Massage session is one of the best in Dubai.

The Best Spas to Pamper Yourself in Dubai

Stine Massage Therapy in Dubai

Their Stone therapy goes back to ancient Japan and China. This therapy creates soft and elastic skin, models the body due to the activation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, reducing swelling and boosting immunity. Hot stone massages helps you get rid of tension, anxiety, and irritability. It is said that one session of the hot stone massage has the effect of one week’s vacation.

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